Abstracta’s Founders and Senior Partners are directly involved in each project, working with clients to deliver impact on the ground. Compared to the traditional leveraged consulting pyramid, this provides our clients with unique and exceptional understanding of the business, complex analytical capabilities, pragmatic business sense and results-oriented advice.

Our work is highly quantitative and bottom-line focused. We combine and contrast anecdotal information with hard data to provide actionable recommendations.

We have a track record of successful engagements and results.

Our team includes Senior Advisers with over 30 years of experience in the Global Banking, Retail, Power & Gas, Logistics, and Manufacturing sectors. We focus on Strategy, Digital Transformation and Business Processes, Information Technology, Organization and Operations.

Our goal is to develop a consistent, long-lasting relationship with our clients therefore, unless the scope changes drastically, we do not change our fees or charge more if the project takes longer than originally anticipated.

We do not advertise – our growth has and will continue to come from client referrals, therefore Abstracta will strive to provide lasting value and personalized attention to the project and will be a vested partner in all engagements.

Global Banking


Power & Gas